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Posture is the basis for structural wellformedness which contributes to efficient movement and optimal functional ability. The APTA says that “it (posture) promotes movement efficiency and endurance and contributes to an overall feeling of well-being.” The body needs to have the foundational components grounded and in place prior to addressing the top.

Feet are our base of support. Stand with your feet at a distance hip width apart. Notice the amount of mucle tension at the legs and back, the wt evenly distributed on the feet and ease of balance found here. Now, stand with your feet together and notice the feeling of instability and increased muscle tension in the body to maintain balance with this narrow base of support. Next, check the response in your body when you move your feet really wide apart. Notice where the wt is distributed on the feet and the stress at the knee and hip joints from the angle at which they are held. This is an important distinction to know –how to maintain balance with minimal effort.

By design the lower extremities and pelvic girdle set up the ability of the spine to be in and maintain a “neutral spine” position. There are 3 curves of a healthy spine. There is a lumbar arch at the lower back, a thoracic curve the opposite way like a “C” at the rib cage area, and an arch at the neck that repeats the curve of the lower back. Like this when these curves are present and in balance; the alignment inherently provides structural stability. That means there is integral strength from the design requiring minimal musculature effort to maintain the structure.

Ideal alignment is this:

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